Navy Blue & Gold
The USNA Alma Mater
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For those of you who have the latest HIGH TECH Cell Phones which allow you to download and play Custom Ringer Tones, this MIDI file is just the thing.  It is a very small file (< 700 bytes) which can be transfered to Cell Phones such as Nokia's 6360.

To download the file, simply RIGHT CLICK HERE and select "Save Target As..." to SAVE the file to your hard drive.

While it doesn't sound like much on your computer's speakers, it plays Loud and Proud whenever your cell phone rings.  You will have to install the file to your cell phone following the specific directions which came with your particular phone.  We can't help you with that part.  (It only took a minute to install it on the Nokia 6360)


This Rendition of Navy Blue and Gold by J. W. Crosley was composed by M.E.Zets for the exclusive use of Members of USNA-Net and their families.  All other uses are prohibited. Copyright © 2003 - M. E. Zets - Westlake, Ohio USA    (Original Song and Lyrics Copyright © 1928 J.W. Crosley © Renewed 1956 Edwin H. Morris & Company, A Division of MPL Communications, Inc. Used with permission.)