Changes in Airport Security for Families of Active Duty Military

10 Feb 2005
Change in Airport Security for Military Families

   Effecive immediately, families of Military may accompany their departing Military family member to the Airport Departure Gate and remain with them until they board the aircraft.  Likewise, family may now await the arrival of their Military family members at the Arrival Gate instead of remaining outside the Airport Security area.
   To avail yourself of this new procedure, you must contact (in person) the Airline Ticket Counter of the airline your Military family member is using and obtain a Pass that will permit you to go through the Security Checkpoint and await arrivals and departures as we did in the good ol'days.  A Photo ID and passing through Airport Security is required.

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From: Heidrich MSgt Bart J
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 8:54
Subject: Airport Gate Passes for Military Passenger Family Members



Executive Assistants,

The Transportation Security Administration has issued a directive pertaining to military passengers at U.S. airports. According to, families of military members may be granted access to sterile concourse areas to escort the military passenger to the gate or to meet a military passenger's inbound arrival at the gate.

The family member can go to the airline that the military member is flying and receive a pass to go to the gate. They will be required to have a pass and a photo ID to get through the security checkpoint. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to stay with the departing military member longer before they depart, or to be able to greet them at the gate upon their arrival. This is a wonderful change, spread the word.